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Newlands & Auldhouse Community Council
Community Council

Community Councils are voluntary bodies that exist to “ascertain, co-ordinate and express the ….. views of the …. community within (their) boundaries. This involves regular meetings where the members liaise with Councillors, Police and other Officials. The CCs are also notified of all Planning and Licensing Applications in their area and included in the consultation process.

Newlands and Auldhouse Community Council covers the area that is bounded to the south by the Glasgow City Boundary and Netherauldhouse Road, to the west and north by the River Cart and to the east by Inverlair Avenue, Newlands Road, Merrylee Primary School, Merrylee Road and the Glasgow City Boundary.

Click on this link, to see the precise boundaries on a map.

The members of the Community Council are:

Chairman:        Robert McElroy

Secretary:        Scott Ronald

Treasurer:       Jim Dryburgh

Other Members:        James Cooper, Helen Dolan, John Duthie, Jade Graham, Colette McAlpine, Phyllis Pasquale, Scott Robertson and Sandy Walls

The Community Council meets in the Scout Hall of the 29th Glasgow Scout Troop, 147 Mossgiel Road, Glasgow, G43 2BT and members of the public are most welcome to attend.

Meetings usually take place on the first Thursday of each month, commencing at 7:15pm, except in January and July, when there is no meeting.

Dates may be subject to change, depending on things such as school holidays and the availability of the Hall. Please refer to the website for the latest information.